Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Retired Again!

Yeah! I am retired once again! Phillip came back to work yesterday and I could not be any happier. The kids only have this week left and then they are out of school for 2 weeks. I have so much to get done. I made the mistake on Friday of calling the Hannah Home for a pick up this Friday. So Friday night go went into clean out mode. I cleaned my bedroom and closet and got about 6 bags for HH. If you know me you know that I hate to clean! Saturday I started in the bathroom and worked my way into Alyssa's closet. I still have to finish laundry and the hall bathroom but my house has not been this clean in forever! I love it though. Every time I walk into my bedroom I say to myself that I am going to keep it this clean all the time! I am sure that really won't happen but I am going to try. We took the kids to my dad's church on Sunday evening for the Christmas program. Brandon, Patti and Bryanna came too! Landon and Bryanna tried hard but I think the old lady behind us was mad. About 20 minutes into the program she brought the kids activity books. They already had some and could care less about them. They just wanted to stand and clap and sing and ask for more candy! So today Jennifer was going to come over and wrap presents with me. I had to get started! She was not able to come but I still got most of our families stuff wrapped. Now hopefully tomorrow I can get all of the kids stuff done. The kids parties are on Thursday so I am on the final count down. Joe is gone to the hunting club for the night so I guess I am on my own! Ok so I am off to get Alyssa from the bus and hope she doesn't have any homework!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Working Mom

I know I said I was going to try and keep up with my blog again but OMG it is hard to find time. Phillip, the body man at Joe's shop, had back surgery about 6 weeks ago so I have been working 3 or 4 days a week at the shop. I have so forgotten what it was like to be a working mom. Joe's twin sister, Lisa, has been staying with us to help out and I don't know what I would do without her help. She has been the laundry fairy! She is also a great help by cleaning the kitchen and helping out with the kids. We have had a great time with Lisa at our house. We normally don't get to see her that often so we have been trying to do fun stuff with her. We have gone bowling, picked out and decorated our Christmas tree, played board games and lots of other fun stuff. I hope she is having as much fun with the kids as they are with her! As much as I have loved her being with us I am ready to be a stay at home mom again. Working and being a mom is so hard. I have a new found respect for every working mom out there. I say this like I didn't work up until Alyssa was 8 years old. It was only one child then and I was younger! Sometimes when I am at home and having a crazy day with my toddler I think to my self that maybe I need to go back to work. Well these past 6 weeks have let me see that I never want to work again as long as I have a child in the house! I have loved being at the shop and spending time with Joe. We actually get to sit down together and eat lunch without have to fix someones plate or clean up a drink that has been knocked over. I know it has been hard on him having to work out in the shop so much. Phillip goes back to the doctor tomorrow and we are all hoping he comes back next week! I hope so. I am ready to get my life back to normal! Oh and finish my Christmas shopping! That is a whole different blog post!