Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Let it snow!

Let me start by saying I am so excited that they are calling for snow tomorrow!!! Now let me run through the check list. Bread, milk and peanut butter -check, gas for the generator - check, snow suits for the kids and me - check. Looks like we are ready. I actually went to the store on Monday when they first started really talking about snow so I could avoid the crowd of people. Joe went to the gas station yesterday and got 27 gallons of gas. We can't go without power. For one the National Championship game comes on tomorrow night and the Lime Creek Gang would die if they didn't get to watch. When Alyssa got home from school today she informed me that there would not be school tomorrow. I got excited and drug the kids out to Academy. When I got there they didn't have any toddler size snow gear. Alyssa tried on the large and it fit perfect. When I went out to get her the XL someone had put a 3T on the empty rack. I scooped it up and tried it on Landon. I barely fits him but it will do. I also bought a snow suit. Hopefully we will all be warm. Joe thinks we are crazy. Danny will be out of town so I have told my mother that she has to come and stay with us. I don't want her home alone especially if we lose power. I just hope that I have not gone through all of this for nothing. So let it snow let it snow let it snow!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year

So 2009 is over! It was a good year in so many ways for us but a very trying year for many people that we know. I just pray that 2010 is a year of change. Not to sound like Obama LOL!! My main resolutions this year are to stay organized and to spend more time one on one with each of my kids. I get so much time with Landon alone and very little with Alyssa. Not that I don't think she minds but I do. I find myself needing more patience with her and I am hoping if we spend more one on one time together it will help with her attitude towards me. I love her so much and want us to be close. If you know me the staying organized is going to be the tough part! I hate to clean! I am going to call a friend that has a business call "All Spaced Out" to help me out. I also want to lose some weight. That sounds so generic for a resolution. Well I am going to try anyway. I also want to make more time for my friends that count and love me! I feel like I am keeping up with too many friendships that are one sided. I also want to keep up with my blogging much better!! I am going to try at them all. So here is to 2010!!!!