Friday, May 15, 2009

Summer is almost here!!!!

So it has been a week since my last blog. It has been a crazy week and school is not out yet! What am I going to do when it is summer? Landon ended up sick on Wednesday and almost missed his last day of school. I did take him on Thursday but a little late. The kids had a great time at the party! I will miss his teachers so much. He really did have 2 great ones this year! He took to Angela right away and I like to think she took to him too! He did warm up to Donna too! So Alyssa's last day of school is next Thursday. We have award day on Tuesday and Wednesday is end of the year party and field day. Busy! Busy! So to the real question. What am I going to do all summer with 2 kids at home?????? I am thinking that if I keep them busy that will be best. It is so hard with such a big age difference. What Landon likes Alyssa does not and what Alyssa likes Landon could care less. Although I am panicking about it now I am looking forward to sleeping in a little and getting to spend lots of time with the kids. I think they are growing up too fast! Well I better wrap this up and get some laundry done! So if you see me pulling out my hair you will know that it is officially summer then! XOXO

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